Set and Production Supplies

Set and Production Supplies

Keying Fabrics

Keying Fabrics and Green Screens

We stock keying fabrics in chroma key green, chroma key blue, digital green and digital blue. If you are looking for a custom green screen build or installation for your studio or production, please contact us. Shop keying fabrics here.

Duvetyne and Commando Cloth

Duvetyne and Commando Cloth

Duvetyne and commando cloth are typically used as masking fabrics. While both block light, commando cloth is much heavier and will block 100% of light. Available in 25 and 50 yard rolls. Shop here.

Muslin and Canvas

Muslin and Canvas

We stock all the tried and true backdrop fabrics in various widths and colors for your production needs. Shop muslin and canvas.

Scrim and Leno

Sharkstooth Scrim and Leno

Sharkstooth scrim is mostly used for lighting effects on stage while leno is typically used as a lighting bounce drop. Whichever you need, we always stock various widths and colors. Shop scrim and leno here.

Gaffer’s Tape

Gaffer Tape

Is there anything gaffer tape can’t be used for? We proudly offer Apollo Gaffer Tape by the roll or case in a variety of colors. Shop here.

Production Sand Bags

Production Sand Bags

Our production sand bags hold it down so you don’t have to. Fabricated in-house, our sand bags are built to endure any production. Shop here.


Backdrops and Cycloramas

Need a muslin backdrop, scrim or cyclorama in a pinch? While we’d appreciate some notice, we understand that things come up and you might need a backdrop yesterday. Contact one of our stage backdrop experts if you need help with your backdrop project. In the meantime, learn more about backdrops here.

To receive a quote on stage curtains, backdrops or theatrical drapery, please contact us or get a quote.


Certified to keep your stage safe

Our goal is provide you with the highest quality stage services and products, while ensuring the safety of your staff, performers and guests.

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