Nylafleece® Nylon Puppet Fleece

Nylafleece® Nylon Puppet Fleece

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Nylafleece® is the premiere nylon puppet fleece commonly used for puppet building and costume making. Known throughout the puppet building community as "Antron Fleece", "puppet fleece" or "Muppet fleece," this is the same nylon fleece used by professional puppet makers worldwide. Nylafleece® is an invaluable material for any puppet builder due to its inherent, unique qualities. Unlike polyester fleece, Nylafleece® has a fuzzy pile, good stretch, excellent seam hiding capabilities, and is easy to dye consistently – it's why professional puppet builders and costume makers continue to rely on Nylafleece® nylon puppet fleece for their builds.

Available colors are shown below. If you are interested in custom colors, receiving samples or have any questions about Nylafleece® nylon puppet fleece, please call or email.

Nylafleece® Nylon Puppet Fleece is manufactured by Georgia Stage.


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