Pipe and Drape Drape Supports

Pipe and Drape Drape Supports

Our easy to setup slip fit pipe and drape system is comprised of at least two uprights, two bases, one drape support (or crossbar), and drapery panels.Telescoping drape supports (also known as crossbars) are the support rods that hold your drapery and set the width of your display. Telescoping drape supports feature a button stop locking system that allows the length of the drape support to be adjusted in precise increments. Each drape support features steel hook ends which slide easily into the slot of an upright. Telescoping drape support rods are designed to hold a maximum of 15 lbs of drapery. Uprights and bases sold separately.


Drape Support Clamp

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Drape support clamp allows for the addition of drape supports at varying heights to enhance a pipe and drape display. Fits 1.5 inch or 2 inch uprights.

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