Projection Fabrics

Projection Fabrics

Listed below are our selections for fabrics well-suited for the projection of images or video. These fabrics provide high gain and wide viewing angles, making them ideal for projection. Most projection fabrics are best suited for front projection, while some provide enough light transmission to work with both front and rear.

Suggested Fabrics for Front and Rear Projection

Scrim (FR / IFR)
Commonly used for a bleed-through effect

Ideal for lighting effects and abstract projections

Suggested Fabrics for Front Projection

Muslin (FR / IFR)
Muslin's width makes it perfect for creating a seamless projection surface.

Celtic Cloth IFR
Slightly stretchy and wrinkle-resistant - a good choice for a lightweight touring projection screen. .

Show Stretch IFR
Versatile, stretchy and flame retardant makes this a solid choice for a projection screen fabric.

Textilene IFR
PVC coated mesh fabric which decreases wind resistance for outdoor projection screens.

Concert Mesh IFR
A mesh that provides 70% blow through and reduces billowing for outdoor projection screens.


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