Specialty Stage Curtains

Specialty Stage Curtains

Specialty Stage Curtains

While we consider all of our stage curtains to be pretty special, some are even more special. Specialty stage curtains like Austrian and Venetian curtains add timeless elegance and that classic theatrical feel to any stage.

Tab Curtain (closed)Tab Curtain (open)

Tab Curtain

A Tab Curtain (or "Tableau Curtain") consists of two overlapping panels, generally with 0–100% fullness which are pulled open diagonally by a cable running through rings sewn into the back of each panel. The tab curtain creates a dramatic reveal and its open position is often used as a decorative element throughout a performance. Typically motorized.

Static Austrian Curtain (closed)Static Austrian Curtain (with performer)

Static Austrian Curtain

A static Austrian Curtain is an inoperable, single panel which consists of multiple rows of scallops or swags used as a fixed decorative element. The scallops or swags are achieved by adding both horizontal and vertical fullness, which creates a luxurious and dramatic curtain effect. A static Austrian Curtain is typically used on stage, in studio, for events, and pipe and drape.

Operable Austrian Curtain (closed)Operable Austrian Curtain (open)

Operable Austrian Curtain

An operable Austrian Curtain is the same as above but instead of being static, it can be operated. An operable Austrian curtain can be rigged to fly out in one piece or can be raised evenly by lift lines running through rings sewn vertically onto the back of the curtain. An operable Austrian curtain typically requires motors for most applications.

Venetian Curtain (closed)Venetian Curtain (open)

Venetian Curtain

Fabricated as a single panel, a Venetian curtain hangs like a standard pleated drape when it is in its closed position. Instead of flying out or traveling on a track, it gathers up evenly from the bottom to form a rich scalloped drape effect. A Venetian Curtain is typically motorized for most applications.

Venetian Contour Curtain (closed)Venetian Contour Curtain (open)

Venetian Contour Curtain

A Venetian Contour Curtain is identical to a Venetian Curtain except individual lift lines are sewn into the back of the curtain at set intervals and with fullness to create the desired contour. A Venetian Contour Curtain is perhaps the most luxurious and dramatic of all theatrical curtains. It requires a series of motors; typically one per lift line.

Braille Curtain (closed)Braille Curtain (open)

Braille Curtain

A Braille Curtains is a flat curtain with rings sewn onto the back and a pipe at the bottom, which is lifted by a series of ropes or lines that run through the pipe and rings. As the pipe is raised, the curtain folds onto itself. A Braille Curtain typically requires motors.

Stage Curtain with Lambrequin


A Lambrequin or "Lambrican" is a curtain or drape, which covers the upper part of an opening, door or window. For theatre applications, lambrequins are fabricated for proscenium openings, where a valance would typically be placed. They are usually quite ornate and often include lamé, fringe, or other decorative elements.

Banded Stage Curtain

Banded Stage Curtain

Banded curtains are created by sewing bands of fabric in a contrasting material or color to add height or visual interest to a curtain.

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