How to Dye Antron Fleece

How to Dye Antron Fleece

Dyeing Antron Fleece is simple when you follow these easy steps.

Gather your ingredients: You'll need a container big enough to hold 3-5 gallons of very hot water (140-160 degrees F works best), 1 cup of white vinegar, a drop of dish soap, a very long spoon, up to 5 lbs of glorious Antron Fleece from Georgia Stage, a pair of rubber gloves, and Rit fabric dye in your favorite color. Liquid or powdered work just fine. We like liquid because it's easier to dissolve.

Pre-soak your fleece: Fill your container with the hot water and add your fleece. Submerge until thoroughly wet. This will help the fabric absorb dye later. Once the fabric is evenly soaked, remove and put aside. Another empty container might be helpful.

Prepare your dye bath: Pour in the vinegar and a drop of dish soap. Mix well. Pour in liquid Rit fabric dye or powdered dye pre-dissolved in hot water. Mix well.

Add fleece to dye bath: Put on your rubber gloves and add fleece to dye bath. Gently stir fleece with long spoon so that dye is able to evenly soak into the fabric. Do this for 15-20 minutes or until desired color is achieved. For richer, darker color, leave the fleece in the dye bath for longer.

Remove the fleece: After about 20 minutes, remove the fleece from the dye bath. Gently squeeze fleece to remove excess dye. Place into the empty container.

Rinse dye from fleece: Rinse fleece with cold water until water runs clear. It's probably best to do this in a stainless steel sink under running water.

Dry fleece: Once all dye is rinsed from fleece, lay fleece flat to dry.

That's it! Now go build a puppet or something!


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