Rigging System Safety Inspections

Rigging System Safety Inspections


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Northeast Stage performs on-site, detailed safety inspections and evaluations of facilities. We'll provide a detailed report of safety issues, as well as maintenance recommendations, working load limits, and provide safe rigging operation advice and training. Contact us today to schedule your facility's safety inspection.

An annual inspection is just one component of operating your theater or facility safely. Additionally, staff and students should be taught "the ropes" by instructors knowledgeable in stage rigging and theatrical equipment.

Backstage Safety in Five Steps

User Training Rigging equipment should only be handled by properly trained staff. Anyone who is going to operate moving equipment of any type backstage must be trained to understand the purpose of the equipment and the proper methods of operation. Operations manuals and signs on the proper use of stage rigging equipment are available from www.jrclancy.com (Technical & Literature → Design & Operation).

Motorized Rigging Winches lift the complete load simply and reliably without the need for counterbalancing the load with steel weights.The PowerLift and PowerAssist systems are affordable motorized rigging options designed for use in schools, providing operational and safety features appropriate for student use. The movement of scenery is controlled by an automated SceneControl console, enabling the movements to be recorded and replayed as needed.

Loading Gallery (bridge) Without a loading gallery it is difficult to safely balance rigging sets. Every counterweight system requires a loading gallery, or bridge. Loads are added to or removed from the "batten" when it is at floor level. When the batten is at floor level, the counterweight arbor is at its highest level. To balance the load on the batten, weight is added to or removed from the counterweight arbor. In order to do this, there must be a loading gallery.

SureLock Rope Lock If a set is out of balance, the SureLock cannot be opened, preventing "runaway" rigging sets.The SureLock rope lock incorporates a load sensing mechanism, and can tell if a counterweight set is more than 50 lbs. out of balance. However, using a SureLock will not solve the problems created by the lack of a loading gallery.

Annual Inspection Your stage rigging system should be inspected annually by a rigging specialist. We suggest rigging dealers who are members of the Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA). This is a non-profit trade association whose members meet membership requirements and subscribe to a Code of Conduct.

To schedule your facility's visual rigging safety inspection, please contact us.


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