All of our easy-to-setup pipe and drape backdrop kits come with everything you need to quickly construct a beautiful backdrop display for your next event. Banjo IFR is the go-to fabric for trade show drapery for a reason: It’s inherently flame retardant, cost-effective and looks great with its satin-like sheen.


  • 6-10' tall 2" diameter adjustable uprights (2)
  • 18" x 18" lightweight base plates w/ 6" tall 2" diameter base pins (2)
  • 6'-10' adjustable drape support (1)
  • Approximately 4' wide Banjo IFR drape panels (4)
  • 8 x 10 backdrop is shown in Royal.
  • All drape panels are custom-made to your specifications and cannot be returned.
  • Included drape panels are 4' wide with a usable ribbon selvedge edge on each side, with the exception of 3' high panels, which have serged edges on each side.
  • Note: Panels are sewn 2 inches shorter than the listed height to avoid pooling on the floor. For example, 8' panels are sewn at 94" so that when hung on an 8' high pipe and drape display, the drape hangs properly.
  • Custom heights are available upon request. Please contact our sales team.

Extensions (Optional - Shop below)

To extend the width of your display, simply add an extension. Add as many as you need! Each 10' wide adjustable extension includes:

  • Additional adjustable upright
  • Additional base plate and pin
  • Additional adjustable 6'-10' drape support
  • Four additional Banjo IFR drape panels

How to Setup Your Pipe and Drape Display

Setting up pipe and drape is a cinch. Learn how.

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