ADC Patriarc® 500 Series Curtain Track

ADC Patriarc® 500 Series Curtain Track

ADC Patriarc® 500 Series Curtain Track is an all-purpose heavy-duty stage curtain track system specially designed for large reverse curved auditorium stages. All curves are custom formed at the factory. Equipped with ball-bearing carriers, end pulleys and cable guides, this is one of the quietest tracks available. ADC Patriarc® 500 Series Curtain Track systems are normally used with a machine operator. Each drum curtain machine furnished with Patriarc® systems is equipped with a cable tension device at no extra cost. Cable tension devices are used to help maintain tension on the operating cables as well help guide the operating cable onto the grooved drum. Patriarc® curved tracks are available for hand-operation, though not recommended. Curved track systems are inherently more difficult to operate manually than are straight track systems. While ADC Patriarc® 500 Series Curtain Tracks are available for manual applications, we suggest motorizing curved applications of the track.


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