Motorized Rigging Systems

Motorized Rigging Systems

Motorized Stage Rigging

Yesterday's simple wood-frame and painted fabric flats have been replaced by heavy, multi-element sets that must be flown in with speed and accuracy in complex sequences. This has spurred the transition to motorized rigging in some applications.

Motorized systems do not require counterweights, so the systems are easier to operate. Computerized control systems provide an unmatched level of precision and repeatability for cues, making each performance more uniform, while still maintaining the overrides necessary for safety.

Motorized systems are not only found in major opera houses, arenas, and studios, but even in high schools, colleges and cruise ships.

Northeast Stage installs only the highest quality motorized systems. For design or installation of a new system, or maintenance of an existing system, please contact one of our rigging experts today.


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