12 Ft Tall Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kits

12 Ft Tall Backdrop Kits

All of our easy-to-setup pipe and drape backdrop kits come with everything you need to quickly construct a beautiful backdrop display for your next event. All 12 foot tall backdrop kits are 10 feet wide and include base plates, uprights, a drape support and drape panels in the following fabrics:


Banjo IFR is the go-to fabric for trade show drapery for a reason: It’s inherently flame retardant, cost-effective and looks great with its satin-like sheen.


EventTex® DFR is a durably flame retardant, medium weight, versatile, polyester knit fabric that takes light well. Its slightly heavier weight, and gorgeous sheen make it an easy choice over Premiere.


Valdosta® IFR is an economical, inherently flame retardant, all-purpose, medium weight, opaque, polyester velour with a matte finish. It's a customer favorite.


Commando FR is a flame retardant, black masking fabric with a light-absorbing brushed matte finish.


Voile IFR is an inherently flame retardant, plain weave, light weight, semi-transparent, polyester fabric. Great for creating light and airy backdrops for elegant events like weddings.


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