Glide-Lock™ telescoping upright poles. A complete makeover of the old bearing style slip lock collar, our patent-pending design addresses multiple issues from the old system that needed a better solution. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost any more than the old bearing lock telescoping uprights. We think you’ll love our new upright pole design with Glide-Lock™.

  • Smooth patent pending slip locking mechanism allows easy lifting with a strong non-marring lock that keeps your hardware looking good
  • Single-button lock release eliminates the pinch points of the bearing lift ring of the old bearing lock system
  • Single-button lock release allows the user to have a better handhold of the upright when raising and lowering the pole
  • The patent-pending lift style lock release gives better control when lowering the telescoping pole
  • No more flared tube end at the telescoping junction. This eliminates the pinch point, which means no more blisters
  • Tired of having your inner tubes slide out when you’re trying to carry the old system? We fixed that, too. Our new design keeps the inner tubes from sliding out even at a 45-degree angle
  • Fitted with Versatop 2.0® Crown™
  • Quick “top-down” connection sockets
  • Accepts all Pipe & Drape 2.0® accessories
  • No slots mean no damage from hooks
  • Available in Anodized Silver and Black
  • Available with Special Keyholes at 34” for Booth Divider Drape Support Rods

Made in the USA. Versatop™ - U.S. Patent No. 9,211,027, Canadian Patent no. 2,801,766 - other patents pending. Versatop™, Pipe & Drape 2.0®, Pipe & Base 2.0®, 2.0® and the Crown Logo are trademarks and property of Versatop Support Systems, LLC - used with permission

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