Light Source™ Mega-Quick Pipe Splice quickly joins two pipes in line together without drilling or threading for permanent or temporary installations. The Mega-Quick Pipe Splice is the same outside diameter as the pipe for a nice flush look and feel. Installation is simple: Loosen the set screw one half turn with a quarter inch hex key to open the splice. Align the set screw so that it will be on the side of the pipe joint (This will give the maximum strength to the joint). Pinch the bars together at one end, and insert the splice into the first pipe. Next, pinch the other ends of splice together and insert the splice into the second pipe. Slide the pipes tightly toward the splice and tighten the set screw securely with the one quarter inch hex key. Bolts should be tightened to about 30 foot pounds.

For 1 1/2" schedule 40 or schedule 80 pipe.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions:8.25" in total length. Piece in middle is 1" wide
  • Working load limit (WLL):600 lbs(272.2 kg) horizontal (not rated for vertical use)
  • Available in black anodized

*WLL is maximum load that can be applied to the beam clamp which is in "like new" condition and has been properly installed, maintained, and operated.

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